Zirve Mimarlık

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Quality Management System of Zirve Mimarlik is designed due to the principle of minimizing bureaucracy and documentation, in order for the decisions to be made and implemented quickly. This principle is acquired by experiencing project based management and process approaches mentioned below and is successfully integrated to the quality management system:

  • To understand the present and future needs of customers, satisfy their requirements and try hard to go beyond their expectations in service,
  • To establish and provide the safety of an environment, in which employess will all be involved in meeting the company target, by leading to constitute a mutual target and the path to it,
  • To be aware of the fact that the members of Zirve Architecture, at all levels, constitute the main components of the organization and their talents by their full participation, be utilized for the quality success of Zirve Architecture,
  • To manage the operations and resources as a single process, in order for the desired results be reached in a more effective way,
  • To define, understand and manage the processes which are in relation with each other, as a system contributing to the efficiency and effectiveness in succeeding to reach the qualiy goals of Zirve Architecture,
  • To provide the continiuous improvement of the general performance of Zirve Architecture, and this being adopted as a constant objective of the organisation,
  • Making effective decisions based on the analysis of data and information,
  • To build up good relationships with the suppliers and sub-contractors benefiting both sides, in order to create mutual values.