Zirve Mimarlık

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We, as Zirve Mimarlık are aware that success stems from human. We are a family trying hard to add value to anything produced by our members. Each one of us respect our family members’ rights and dignity, being aware of the significant role we are due in order to meet the requirements of our company.

We regard employing talented people be our team members in order to accomplish our goals of high quality work be completed timely and economically. We, as Zirve Mimarlık aim to provide satisfying conditions for our qualified colleagues. For this reason, we focus on people who adopt our vision and values as their own, are able to join their behaviors with our culture and achieve good business opportunities from the hard situations.

Politics and Culture

  • Develop the strategic targets and benefits of the company.
  • Be sensitive to the changing requirements of employees, management and legal associations.
  • Providing continuance of the dignity of Zirve Mimarlik as being a preferred employer.
  • Constitute a culture at the work place which brings mutual trust and respect in the relations; makes employees feel themselves valuable, and wish to do the best they can in order to reach company mission.
  • Recruiting the most qualified person for the vacancy. We are proud to be providing equal opportunities to everyone and welcome all the qualified applications with pleasure in line with non-discrimination principle.
  • Being aware of the significance of motivating people. At Zirve Mimarlik, we look for outside resources for any vacancy only after we confirm that it cannot be filled by any of our member inside the company.
  • Ensuring that the legal issues – laws and policies – are known and obeyed while doing the job.
  • The company expectations from employees should be understood clearly by each member and demanding support for the management of talents, performance, trainings and carrier plannings should be the employee’s own responsibility


In order to apply for the existing job opportunities at Zirve Mimarlik or for your resume be reached from our database, you may send your updated cv to our email account given below.

All the applications will be examined and evaluated carefully by the related departments of our company and those that are appropriate are shared by the departments in accordance with the preferences of the applicant. This process is completed before the resume is decided to be kept at the database for future employment requirements.

Application: info@zirvemimarlik.com.tr